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Equidistant Voices
Latin American Poets in the UK
Edited by ENRIQUE D. ZATTARA - Translated by ISABEL DEL RIO

There are many Latin American poets currently living and writing in the United Kingdom. They may find that their work often remains undiscovered as a result of moving away from their original literary context and because of the challenges with trying to integrate into a different cultural and linguistic setting. The aim of this bilingual anthology is to make these poets known to English-speakong readers both in the original and in translation, and to give them the necessary exposure. The book included an extensive introductory study by Enrique D. Zattara and translation by Isabel del Rio.

The Latin American  cultural and artistic diaspora is mostly scattered and fragmented, thus this anthology cannot claim to include each an every poet. Althought a number of poetswill be absent from the book, the presence of those showcased here is well merited following the extensive research that was carried out on the subject.

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